What my 30 years of working with babies has taught me.

What working with babies for 30 years has taught me.

By Midge Cox

A simple yet profound insight. 

If working in early childhood development for 30 years has taught me one thing it is this: babies who are having fun are growing smarter because pleasurable sensory experiences are what connect neurons in the brain. It is a simple yet profound premise. That very moment you see your babies face light up with joy and excitement, his brain is making countless neurological and synaptic connections. With each giggle, each smile, each moment of lighting up – his brain is literally expanding in countless ways. My vision and purpose is to create a community center to help very young children increase their brain development through fun activities! A place where mothers (and fathers– lets not forget dad!) can come and learn and most importantly, directly participate in their child’s early cognitive development. I welcome you to read more about what our class offerings are and get in touch with me if you have any questions. Every baby is born with the same billion neurons as the next baby. Brainy Baby & Beyond is here to insure they all get an equal chance to develop into the vibrant little human beings they came here to be. 

With Love,
Midge Cox

Contact with your baby activates your baby’s parasympathetic nervous system – that switches off stress; enhances digestion, healing and growth, and imprints calm and connection.
– Sarah Buckley

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The power of PLAY!

Have you ever noticed that most of your childrenʼs toys are either hard plastic or some kind of soft fabric? In this class, we will work on exposing your children to a variety of sensory experiences. Multi-sensory play through movement and touch is vital to a growing brain! It helps our children learn to tolerate a variety of textures and movement experiences that they will eventually come in contact with as they grow. Exploring through touch and movement in a gradual manner, with a playful approach can help your little ones feel more comfortable and in control of their experience. 

Throughout this course, parents will learn the benefits of movement, “heavy work” and messy play. Parents and kiddos will experience hands-on opportunities to explore a variety of movement activities, play with a variety of textures and complete an art activity to take home. Across the 5 week course, we will explore a variety of movement and heavy work activities, as well as, progress our messy play in a sequence that our brains accept more naturally. 

Benefits of multi-sensory play: 

-promotes open-ended, creative play

-improves overall sensory processing and regulation (learning what sensory input we need to learn and what we can ignore/filter out)

-increases tolerance for foods via playful exploration of textures

-builds nerve connections in the brain through a variety of sensations

-encourages language and social interaction

-supports gross and fine motor skill development

-can increase mindfulness and reduce anxiety

You are doing it right.

You're doing it right!

By Midge Cox

With each giggle, each smile, each moment of lighting up – his brain is literally expanding in countless ways.

I’ve worked with so many babies and young children, along with their parents, over the years…mostly with moms. But I have to say when dad’s were involved and roughhousing with their child, sometimes simultaneously the child’s face would light up as the mom’s face was frightened. Maybe dad was doing something a bit too rough with his little one… of course safety comes first and you need to be careful but I love when fathers are a little more active and they know instinctively what their child likes! We can all learn from the dads who do facilitate happiness with some kind of movement with their child. With all of my knowledge I have of the young brain and what we can do to stimulate the wiring between neurons, it is downright exciting to offer a place where children can have fun! And parents can be empowered by their involvement with their child that will directly lead to increased cognitive development.


A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.
– Eda J. LeShan

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