You're doing it right!

By Midge Cox

With each giggle, each smile, each moment of lighting up – his brain is literally expanding in countless ways.

I’ve worked with so many babies and young children, along with their parents, over the years…mostly with moms. But I have to say when dad’s were involved and roughhousing with their child, sometimes simultaneously the child’s face would light up as the mom’s face was frightened. Maybe dad was doing something a bit too rough with his little one… of course safety comes first and you need to be careful but I love when fathers are a little more active and they know instinctively what their child likes! We can all learn from the dads who do facilitate happiness with some kind of movement with their child. With all of my knowledge I have of the young brain and what we can do to stimulate the wiring between neurons, it is downright exciting to offer a place where children can have fun! And parents can be empowered by their involvement with their child that will directly lead to increased cognitive development.


A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.
– Eda J. LeShan

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